IP Telephony

Reliable, Scalable, flexible – Voice Communication over IP Networks

Many businesses are leaning towards IP Telephony as an alternative to existing telecom infrastructure for cost-effective communications and optimum use of telecom resources. IP telephony solutions not only brings convenience to business communication, but also significantly reduces call costs and improves employee productivity and responsiveness. These solutions provide capability to deliver voice services over existing data network and operate alongside existing communication infrastructure.

Multi-site organisations with dispersed branch offices can take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities of IP telephony without compromising voice quality or changing existing infrastructure.

Complete IP Telephony Solution

Jagadeka offers a complete IP telephony solution comprising IP-PBXs, VoIP gateways, and VoIP ATAs. Addressing the wide range of communication requirements, VOIP solution is an ideal fit for small to large organisations, industries, service providers and remote workers. The open-standard SIP ensures interoperability with virtually any device, service provider or application.

Cost-Effective Communication

Geographically separated offices can use VoIP to save on inter-branch call costs. Peer-to-Peer calling uses internet connectivity to place calls without using any ITSP service. Field workers can get call back from the main office system and reduce mobile call costs.

Enhanced Convenience and Improved Productivity

Apart from basic voice communication, the IP telephony solution delivers new and advanced means of communications such as presence sharing and instant messaging. This creates a fast and easy way to reach any co-worker located anywhere instantly. A worker roaming in office premises or anywhere outside the office can utilise productivity features of office phone system.

Easy of Deployment

IP solutions seamlessly integrate with existing data network to provide voice capabilities over broadband infrastructure. This also removes unnecessary cabling for telephony devices and eliminates the need for a skilled person for telephony infrastructure management.

Simple Management

The easy to use and intuitive web-based GUI helps configuration and management of multiple devices from a single location. The location independent management saves administrator’s time and cost of providing essential technical support.

  • Cost-effective VoIP calling over existing data networks
  • Wide range of IP solutions to suffice varied customer needs
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Flexible phone options to suit any working style
  • Reduced operational costs
  • High availability and increase responsiveness
  • Resiliency to maintain communication link in event of system outage
  • Centralized management and monitoring
  • Convenience to communicate using voice call or text messaging
  • Unified messaging to increase collaboration with peers
  • Common voice mail access for office users, field employees and teleworkers


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